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Gestione Autorender


Autorender is a rendering engine module that provide a powerful functions and flexible features to manage the presentation layer in MDLite application. This module allows webmaster and designers to customize web pages and modules layout via theme templates, compose the content blocks areas and other usefull stuff for your web pages.

To know a little bit how Autorender works within the system, take a look at the current page compare to main page as a sample. Both pages are created from differrent modules, CMpro and Cnl_Home module. From Autorender you can define which blocks can be shared such as menu on the left and composed various layout for page contents. However, to explore more on Autorender functions and features at least you required to have some knowledge on html and scripting languages.

Autorender: This is where you can add and configure your Autorender. You can configure default theme templates, block display and colors, as well as custom module templates, block display and colors and custom block templates.
Commands: This is where you can add and configure your own custom commands that you can use in your Autorender templates. You can also view the built-in Autorender commands.
Extras: This is where you can configure extra options for Autorender (i.e. AutoURLs, AutoPrint, etc.).
Cache: To speed up user's browser rendering visited pages are stored temporarily in the cache directory. You clean-up the cache files periodically from this section and define the cache expiration period from the entry field.

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